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About the Essential Skills

The Government of Canada and other national and international agencies have identified and validated nine key essential skills for the workplace.


The Essential Skills are a major component of all SCC events, including:

National Skilled Trades and Technology Week: Essential Skills Workshop, Tuesday, November 7

The Essential Skills Workshop took place on November 7, 2017 in Edmonton AB as part of National Skilled Trade and Technology Week.  Marisa Sosa, Essential Skills Program Manager at Skills/Compétences Canada led an interactive and informative discussion on the 9 Essential Skills and their importance in Skilled Trade and Technology careers.  Essential Skills resource material was available for each participant, including desktop version of the mobile app, classroom activities, and 2 modules of the ES Work Ready Youth Program.

For more information on the Essential Skills and/or ES resources feel free to contact Marisa Sosa

Skills Canada National Competition

One of the main highlights of the two-day competition is Essential Skills. Students and guests engage in hands-on challenges, presentations, and interactive activities intended to increase their awareness of how to recognize the Essential Skills in any given trade or technology career. Discover your Essential Skills!

Essential Skills Webcast

Virtually all spectators say Essential Skills are important for those in skilled trade and technology occupations. Nearly 9 in 10 (86%) respondents say these skills are “very important”.

This live national webcast, available online, was hosted at the competition site during the Skills Canada National Competition. A series of guests discussed the importance of Essential Skills in their respective industries. Celebrity guests spoke about their experiences with the Essential Skills and our very own Team Canada Alumni discussed how they used Essential Skills during competition. Watch the webcast with Alumni, Essential Skills and Recruitment, or How Essential Skills Meets the Challenges of an Evolving Workplace. You can also watch on our YouTube channel.

Essential Skills Forum:

The Essential Skills Forum serves as an opportunity to bring education and industry together to discuss the skills gap as it relates to the importance of educating youth on the nine Essential Skills and how they relate to the skilled trades and technology occupations. This half-day conference allows attendees to participate in interactive sessions that encourage open dialogue amongst many stakeholder groups.

Bridging the Gap between the Classroom and the Workplace with Essential Skills

Essential Skills Stage

In 2017 the Essential Skills Stage featured 30-minute interactive demonstrations where organizations, associations and colleges show what it takes to work in their sectors while highlighting the Essential Skills theme: Working with Others bridging the gap between the classroom and the Workplace with Essential Skills. See all the videos on our YouTube Channel.


Essential Skills Passport Try-A-Trade® and Technology Activities

These activities enable visitors to put their skills to the test and get a feel for the trades. Visitors complete a variety of trade and technology related projects, including bricklaying, electrical wiring, graphic design, cooking, and many more. In several instances, visitors can bring home a product that they created with their own hands. Students are encouraged to complete their Essential Skills passport, where they identify the Essential Skills used at various Try-a-Trade® and Technology activities. Submitted passports are eligible to win a prize.