The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association would like to introduce a new online resource for Educators and Students in the Landscaping and Horticulture profession across Canada

Green Careers Canada ( was developed to provide opportunities for those who are looking for a career in a green profession to explore all options across the country including courses, scholarships, bursaries and apprenticeships in each province. The website creates awareness for guidance counsellors, coop teachers, policy makers and partners about green career options.

Green Careers Canada demonstrates an appreciation of the health & wellness, environmental and societal benefits that green infrastructure provides to every community in Canada. Picture yourself in a career where you work with nature, creating beauty and enhancing the environment while enjoying the opportunity to see your work help Canadians in so many ways. Students are interviewed and asked about their own experience in education and about their goals. Professionals are also interviewed discussing their career paths offering ideas and advice for students considering greenwork in Canada.

Teachers are able to connect and share resources and industry information through the private Educators’ discussion board with fellow teachers across Canada. We’ve also assembled a comprehensive list of resources for keeping up to date on industry news. The Forum provides an excellent networking resource for our educators at all levels to improve connectivity between industry & education and share teaching aids. Green Careers Canada will be updated regularly with new events and up-to-date information making it the go-to source for students and educators.  This is a great opportunity for those of you participating in your Provincial Skills Competitions to start the conversation.

The contributions from all provinces, educators and students will be critical to the success of GreenCareers Canada. We encourage everyone to join the discussions, network, share, and keep growing at

“Students can look at schools, careers and scholarships, industry can participate in looking for students and sponsorship opportunities. Secondary schools can connect with Colleges and then as an educator we can actually post material that we can share.” ~ Michael Pascoe NPD, ODH, CLT, M.Sc. – Program Coordinator, Horticulture Programs at Fanshawe