Partner Feedback: UA Canada

UA Canada financially supported and attended World Skills Calgary 2009 in a big way, and it was quite a show. We support Skills Canada in a big way, and it is also quite a big show. It is the only place that we know of where young people can go to see what tradespeople do for a living. They can see the technical and hands-on skill required, and even do a Try a Trade to see just how it works, and if they might like this type of work for their future careers.

UA Canada supports Skills Canada because it is the only venue of its kind that caters to young people for Trades and Technical education.  It is the only government and industry supported program that truly showcases the people that build our modern civilizations. It is truly a “one of a kind”.  We think that is has great value for the youth of Canada in the way that it educates, informs, showcases, connects, and builds, on the Skilled trades and technology fields of work. We believe that it is truly a great program for our future.

Larry Slaney, Director of Training, UA Canada