Results for SCNC 2011

MO First Name Last Name # Skill Name Medail
BC Siegfried Baumann 03PS Precision Machining GOLD
ON Andrew Elg 03PS Precision Machining SILVER
NB Luc Boudreau 03PS Precision Machining BRONZE
QC Francis Migneault 03S Precision Machining GOLD
SK Justin Dyck 03S Precision Machining SILVER
AB Trevor Fandrick 03S Precision Machining BRONZE
ON David DaCosta 04PS Mechatronics GOLD
ON Zachary Piskun 04PS Mechatronics GOLD
PE Kurtis Arsenault 04PS Mechatronics SILVER
PE Brian Bridges 04PS Mechatronics SILVER
NS Mitchell Parker 04PS Mechatronics BRONZE
NS Calum MacQuarrie 04PS Mechatronics BRONZE
YT Denis Godin 05PS Mechanical CADD GOLD
ON Richard Jennings 05PS Mechanical CADD SILVER
QC Tomy-Julien Girard 05PS Mechanical CADD BRONZE
QC André Gauthier 05S Mechanical CADD GOLD
ON Mathieu St-Arnaud 05S Mechanical CADD SILVER
AB Cody Burton 05S Mechanical CADD BRONZE
MB Andrew Hallmann 06PS CNC Machining GOLD
AB Toni Dueck 06PS CNC Machining SILVER
PE Christian Richard 06PS CNC Machining BRONZE
NB Kathy-Monica Thibodeau 09PS IT – Office Software Applications GOLD
NS Samantha McGill 09PS IT – Office Software Applications SILVER
AB Mary Head 09PS IT – Office Software Applications BRONZE
MB Ingrid Wieler 0PS IT – Office Software Applications GOLD
ON Mark Haley 09S IT – Office Software Applications SILVER
SK Rebecca Machnaik 09S IT – Office Software Applications BRONZE
QC Alex Turcotte 10PS Welding GOLD
AB Anthony Murphy 10PS Welding SILVER
NS Mitch Sutherland 10PS Welding BRONZE
ON David Dressel 10S Welding GOLD
NT Antonio Lewis 10S Welding SILVER
AB Nicolas Kitt 10S Welding BRONZE
MB Markus Messerschmidt 13PS Autobody Repair GOLD
NB Dustin Goddard 13PS Autobody Repair SILVER
NL Bernie Fitzgerald 13PS Autobody Repair BRONZE
QC Michaël Perrier 13S Autobody Repair GOLD
ON Donovan Hale 13S Autobody Repair SILVER
BC Jay Kendrick-Cook 13S Autobody Repair BRONZE
ON Jeremy Nicholson 14PS Sheet Metal Work GOLD
MB Chad Verplaetse 14PS Sheet Metal Work SILVER
QC Dominic Caouette 14PS Sheet Metal Work BRONZE
AB Jason Feyter 15PS Plumbing GOLD
YT Geordo Matechuk 15PS Plumbing SILVER
QC Pascal Côté 15PS Plumbing BRONZE
BC Jamie Maloway 16PS Electronics GOLD
NL Stephen Barry 16PS Electronics SILVER
NS Timothy Schmidt 16PS Electronics BRONZE
BC Chris Leclair 16S Electronics GOLD
ON Craig Vandenberg 16S Electronics SILVER
MB Kurtis Gibson 16S Electronics BRONZE
QC Annie Caron 17PS Web Site Development GOLD
MB Danielle Adriaansen 17PS Web Site Development SILVER
ON William Comartin 17PS Web Site Development BRONZE
ON Nasir Dowlatkhahi 17S Web Site Development GOLD
BC Jason Cho 17S Web Site Development SILVER
NS Tyler Blair 17S Web Site Development BRONZE
NT Dylan Crawley 18PS Electrical Wiring GOLD
YT Mike Trainor 18PS Electrical Wiring SILVER
NL Mike McCarthy 18PS Electrical Wiring BRONZE
MB Steffan Adamchuk 18S Electrical Wiring GOLD
ON Gurtej Multani 18S Electrical Wiring SILVER
NS Steven Marsh 18S Electrical Wiring BRONZE
PE Derrick MacDonald 19PS Automation and Control GOLD
BC Mandeep Saggu 19PS Automation and Control SILVER
ON Christopher Pereira 19PS Automation and Control BRONZE
ON Petro Prymak 20PS Brick Masonry GOLD
MB Jacob Bell 20PS Brick Masonry SILVER
SK Kale Mohns 20PS Brick Masonry BRONZE
MB Vasyl Zhukov-Malyeyev 24PS Cabinetmaking GOLD
NL Justin Bennett 24PS Cabinetmaking SILVER
AB Tyler Vanden Brink 24PS Cabinetmaking BRONZE
MB Daniel Block 24S Cabinetmaking GOLD
AB Keane Morrow 24S Cabinetmaking SILVER
QC Dominic Brunelle-Marchand 24S Cabinetmaking BRONZE
MB Ryan Peters 26PS Carpentry GOLD
ON Thomas McCurdy 26PS Carpentry SILVER
BC Jadyn Lowe 26PS Carpentry BRONZE
MB David Vigier 26S Carpentry GOLD
NS Adam Tanner 26S Carpentry SILVER
BC Bentley Klassen 26S Carpentry BRONZE
NS Hilary Pelerine 29PS Hairstyling GOLD
BC MiaoLing Lin 29PS Hairstyling SILVER
SK Rebecca Gustafson 29PS Hairstyling BRONZE
AB Nick Gaze 29S Hairstyling GOLD
BC Molly Liu 29S Hairstyling SILVER
MB Jocelyne O’Brien 29S Hairstyling BRONZE
ON Melissa Greyling 30PS Aesthetics GOLD
NB Kristen Leffley 30PS Aesthetics SILVER
QC Crystal Lamirande 30PS Aesthetics BRONZE
QC Jonathan Bouchard 31S Fashion Technology GOLD
BC Mary Margaret Seizer 31S Fashion Technology SILVER
AB Amanda Vaisanen 31S Fashion Technology BRONZE
QC Suzie Lévesque 32PS Baking GOLD
NS Lauren Cameron 32PS Baking SILVER
ON Brittany Calsavara 32PS Baking BRONZE
MB Ashley Thomas 32S Baking GOLD
BC Jesse Ong 32S Baking SILVER
AB Jessica Zoller 32S Baking BRONZE
AB Josh Wiens 33PS Automotive Service GOLD
ON Frank Zhou 33PS Automotive Service SILVER
NL Adam Parsons 33PS Automotive Service BRONZE
QC Maxime Bélanger 33S Automotive Service GOLD
NB Shane Phillips 33S Automotive Service SILVER
ON Brendan Wales 33S Automotive Service BRONZE
AB Ian MacDougal 34PS Cooking GOLD
SK Stacey Cornish 34PS Cooking SILVER
PE Mathias Giermindl 34PS Cooking BRONZE
BC Carla Obando 34S Cooking GOLD
ON Solomon Mason 34S Cooking SILVER
NT Sebastien Remillard 34S Cooking BRONZE
PE Tabitha Lewis 35PS Restaurant Service GOLD
QC Vanessa Roch-Lévesque 35PS Restaurant Service SILVER
ON Marshall McPherson 35PS Restaurant Service BRONZE
NL Michael Rowe 36PS Car Painting GOLD
NB Brandon Belliveau 36PS Car Painting SILVER
ON Thomas McClatchey 36PS Car Painting BRONZE
AB Justin Schipper 37PS Landscape Gardening GOLD
AB Jack VandenBroek 37PS Landscape Gardening GOLD
ON Mark Adema 37PS Landscape Gardening SILVER
ON Brad DeVries 37PS Landscape Gardening SILVER
MB Colin Dewitt 37PS Landscape Gardening BRONZE
MB Mackenzie Harman 37PS Landscape Gardening BRONZE
BC Curtis Thomson 38PS Refrigeration GOLD
NB Andrew Doucet 38PS Refrigeration SILVER
ON Sergejs Golomedovs 38PS Refrigeration BRONZE
ON Dillan Cooke 39PS IT and Network Support GOLD
BC Jeffrey Nishi 39PS IT and Network Support SILVER
NL Marc Burton 39PS IT and Network Support BRONZE
BC Jordan Evans 39S IT and Network Support GOLD
AB Bryce Cartman 39S IT and Network Support SILVER
ON Martin Massie 39S IT and Network Support BRONZE
NL Brandon Sullivan 40PS Graphic Design GOLD
AB Joseph Keen 40PS Graphic Design SILVER
SK Kaitlyn Rude 40PS Graphic Design BRONZE
QC Maxime Moreau 40S Graphic Design GOLD
BC Nancy Huang 40S Graphic Design SILVER
SK Spencer MacPherson 40S Graphic Design BRONZE
MB Jeremy Einarson 51PS Industrial Mechanic-Millwright GOLD
AB Scott McAllister 51PS Industrial Mechanic-Millwright SILVER
NL Joseph Molloy 51PS Industrial Mechanic-Millwright BRONZE
SK Weston Dennis 52PS Architectural CADD GOLD
ON Joel Foster 52PS Architectural CADD SILVER
MB Jesse Reimer 52PS Architectural CADD BRONZE
ON Jonathan VanOosten 52S Architectural CADD GOLD
AB Dylan Dunsmore 52S Architectural CADD SILVER
MB Alex Lafontaine 52S Architectural CADD BRONZE
AB Braden Panasiuk 53S Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment GOLD
SK Julian Fidek 53S Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment SILVER
ON Amaranath George 53S Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment BRONZE
NL Cecil Johnson 82S TV-Video Production GOLD
NL Evan Moffatt 82S TV-Video Production GOLD
ON Torin Langen 82S TV-Video Production SILVER
ON Zachary Ramelan 82S TV-Video Production SILVER
AB Mitchell Revering 82S TV-Video Production BRONZE
AB Chris Lorenz 82S TV-Video Production BRONZE
ON Rebecca Scott 83S Job Interview GOLD
MB Tarran Provak 83S Job Interview SILVER
NL Jenna Kelly 83S Job Interview BRONZE
AB Wouter Opsteen 84S Job Skill Demonstration GOLD
MB Kyle Duguid 84S Job Skill Demonstration SILVER
ON Alyssa Figueira 84S Job Skill Demonstration BRONZE
NL Emily Butler 85S Prepared Speech GOLD
AB Samantha Linny 85S Prepared Speech SILVER
SK Brendan Kozun 85S Prepared Speech BRONZE
BC Jamie Ruddick 87S 3D Character Computer Animation GOLD
BC Josiah Stefani 87S 3D Character Computer Animation GOLD
ON Christopher Rugo 87S 3D Character Computer Animation SILVER
ON Emmanuelle Chateauneuf 87S 3D Character Computer Animation SILVER
SK Gage Bush 87S 3D Character Computer Animation BRONZE
87S 3D Character Computer Animation BRONZE
PE Lauren Adams 88S 2D Character Computer Animation GOLD
PE Erica Meschwitz 88S 2D Character Computer Animation GOLD
AB Eliot Zuidhof 88S 2D Character Computer Animation SILVER
AB Keegan Tsetta 88S 2D Character Computer Animation SILVER
ON David Pagurek can Mossel 88S 2D Character Computer Animation BRONZE
ON Luka Lawford 88S 2D Character Computer Animation BRONZE
ON Ryan Spurrell 91PS Aircraft Maintenance GOLD
BC Andrew Lines 91PS Aircraft Maintenance SILVER
QC Étienne Dumas-Gilbert 91PS Aircraft Maintenance BRONZE
MB Tyler Betcher 92S Worksite Safety GOLD
NL Krista Barry 92S Worksite Safety SILVER
PE Logan McInnis 92S Worksite Safety BRONZE
MB Nicholas Maunder 93PS Robotics GOLD
MB Jordan Anderson 93PS Robotics GOLD
MB Carl Fabros 93PS Robotics GOLD
MB Samuel Downey 93PS Robotics GOLD
BC John Strutinski 93PS Robotics SILVER
BC Lazar Savic 93PS Robotics SILVER
BC Kai Singh 93PS Robotics SILVER
BC 93PS Robotics SILVER
ON Mikael Lacroix 93PS Robotics BRONZE
ON Yanick Roy 93PS Robotics BRONZE
ON Maxime Marineau 93PS Robotics BRONZE
ON Simon Bélanger 93PS Robotics BRONZE
YT Nathan Peterson 94PS Heavy Equipment Service GOLD
ON Matthew Sebok 94PS Heavy Equipment Service SILVER
NS Jeremy Newton 94PS Heavy Equipment Service BRONZE
QC Guillaume Beaulieu D1PS Offset Printing GOLD
SK Stephanie Bramham D1PS Offset Printing SILVER
MB Zakaria Bouhaddou D1PS Offset Printing BRONZE