SCNC 2018 Competition Documents


# Contest Area Contest Description Test Project Other Documents
03 Precision Machining S&PS  S&PS
04 Mechatronics (Team of 2) PS PS – Day 1

PS – Day 2

PLC Wiring

Professional Practices

05 Mechanical CADD S&PS Template A3

Template B

06 CNC Machining PS

IT Office Software Applications

PS   S
10 Welding S&PS S – Day 1*

S – Day 2

PS – Day 1*

PS – Day 2

PS – Day 2

PS – Day 2*

*Updated March 27 2018

13 Autobody Repair S&PS S&PS Project A

S&PS Project B

S&PS Project C

S&PS Project D

S&PS Project E

Recommended Tool List
14 Aerospace Technology PS National Training Guide
15 Plumbing PS PS
16 Electronics S
17 Web Design and Development S S
18 Electrical Installations PS   S PS   S
19 Industrial Control PS PS Day-1

PS Day-2

Quick Start Guide


20 Bricklaying PS PS
23 Mobile Robotics (Team of 2) S S Component List
24 Cabinetmaking S&PS S&PS Lid Hinges
26 Carpentry S&PS PS   S
29 Hairstyling S&PS S&PS L’Oréal Products
30 Aesthetics PS  PS Nail Art

Sheriff Product kit

ProBeauty-Cara Skin Care Practice Kit


Skin Analysis and Treatment Record

LCN Products

31 Fashion Technology S S Fabrics & Notions


Jacket block

Marking forms

32 Baking PS   S PS   S Equipment List

Ingredient List

33 Automotive Service S&PS Make and model

4-2018 VW Tiguans

4-2018 Audi A-3

34 Cooking S&PS S


  S Menu Elements

PS Menu Elements

S & PS Common Table List

36 Car Painting S&PS

Updated May 15, 2018

S&PS  Technical reference manual
37 Landscape Gardening (Team of 2) PS PS
38 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning PS  PS
39 IT Network Systems Administration PS  S
40 Graphic Design Technology S&PS
43 Sheet Metal Work PS PS Assembly
   48 Industrial Mechanic/Millwright PS PS
50 Steamfitter – Pipefitter PS Steam to Hot Water Converter

Unit A


Front View

Back View

Left View

Right View

Top View


52 Architectural Technology & Design PS  S
53 Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment S&PS PS S
54 Photography PS   S S PS
55 Sprinkler Systems PS PS
82 TV/Video Production (Team of 2) S
83 Job Search S S Job Descriptions
84 Job Skill Demonstration S Safety Plan
85 Public Speaking S
87 3D Character Computer Animation S S Character Turnaround

Story Board

88 2D Character Computer Animation S S Character Turnaround

Story Board

92 Workplace Safety S S
94 Heavy Equipment Service PS PS Project 1

PS Project 2

PS Project 3

PS Project 4

PS Project 5

PS Project 6

D1 3D Digital Game Art PS PS