Scope Documents 2016

#Contest AreaContest DescriptionTest ProjectOther Documents
03Precision MachiningS&PSS&PS
04Mechatronics (Team of 2)PSProfessional PracticeStations Description
05Mechanical CADDS&PS Updated 2016-02-17S&PSS (Day 2 PM)

Part Measurement_S&PS

Assembly & Detail Modeling_S&PS

Tool List
06CNC MachiningPSPS

IT Office Software Applications

PS  SS&PS – Excel
10WeldingS&PS Updated 2015/12/21PS   S
13Autobody RepairS&PSS&PS – AS&PS – B

S&PS – C

S&PS – D

S&PS – E

Tool List
14Aerospace TechnologyPS Updated 2015/12/21
16ElectronicsPS Updated 2016/05/11
S Updated 2016/05/11
Additional Notes_PS
17Web Site DevelopmentS
18Electrical InstallationsPS  S Updated 2015/12/21
19Automation and ControlPS Updated 2015/12/21Day 1  Day 2VFD Manual
20Brick MasonryPS Updated 2015/12/21PS
24CabinetmakingS&PS Updated 2015/12/21S&PSInstruction List Updated 2016/05/09
26CarpentryS&PS Updated 2015/12/21PS  S
29HairstylingS&PS Updated 2016-01-22S&PSJudging Criteria
30AestheticsPSPSNail Art DesignMakeup DesignLCN Products

Dermalogica Product List

31Fashion TechnologySSCroquisTechnical Drawing

Jacket Block Updated 16/05/25

32BakingPS Updated 2016/05/09SPS  SIngredient List Updated 2016/05/09
Equipment List
33Automotive ServiceS&PS Updated 2015/12/21Vehicle Manufacturer
34CookingS&PSPS Updated 2016/05/09SCommon food Table – SCommon food Table – PS


36Car PaintingS&PS Updated 2015/12/21PS  S
37Landscape Gardening (Team of 2)PS Updated 2015/12/21PS
38Refrigeration and Air ConditioningPS Updated 2015/21/12PSInstructions
39IT – Network Systems AdministrationPS  S
40Graphic DesignS&PS Updated 2015/12/21S&PS ProjectTest Project 2014 – 1Test Project 2014 – 2

Test Project 2015 – 1

Test Project 2015 – 2

43Sheet Metal WorkPSPS
51Industrial Mechanic/MillwrightPS Updated 16/03/15PS
52Architectural Technology & DesignPS  SPS
53Outdoor Power and Recreation EquipmentS
82TV/Video Production (Team of 2)S
83Job SearchSSTest Project
84Job Skill DemonstrationSSafety Plan
85Public SpeakingS
873D Character Computer AnimationSStoryboard SymbolsPrinciples of Animation

Character Turnaround

Storyboard Sheet


882D Character Computer AnimationSStoryboard SymbolsPrinciples of Animation

Character Turnaround

Storyboard Sheet

92Workplace SafetyS Last updated 2016-01-22S
94Heavy Equipment ServicePS Updated 2015/12/21PS – 1PS – 2

PS – 3

PS – 4

PS – 5

PS – 6

50Steamfitter – PipefitterPSPS
D1Sprinkler SystemsPS Updated 16/02/17PS