Team Canada 2011

Aaron Hebb
Hometown: Wileville, Nova Scotia
Skill: Car Painting
Age: 20
School/Employer: Nova Scotia Community College
Career Goal “To work towards being a high quality automotive painter.”

Aaron describes himself as creative and always up for a challenge. His career as a skilled car painter first began as a hobby. At sixteen, Aaron bought a car and rebuilt it from the ground up. It was then that he realized he wanted to go to school to pursue the trade. While studying car painting, Aaron quickly discovered an outlet for his creativity. For an imaginative individual like Aaron, the custom work he is able to do makes his career especially stimulating and inspiring. From prepping to painting and stencilling, Aaron’s career offers him endless opportunities to learn. He is now apprenticing in his chosen career five days a week. In preparation for WorldSkills London 2011, Aaron will soon be training even more rigorously. Aaron loves the opportunities that this career path has presented him, and notes that his first trip on an airplane was to compete at the Skills Canada National Competition. His plan for success at WorldSkills London 2011 is simple: “I try not to let nerves get to me. I treat competitions like a day at work.”

Adrian Schut
Hometown: Almonte, Ontario
Skill: Mobile Robotics
Age: 16
School/Employer: Almonte District High School
Career Goal: “I am searching for a career where I enjoy working everyday.”

Adrian is not your average 16-year-old. Living on a farm just outside of the nation’s capital, Adrian always has his hands full with projects that are in the works. A young entrepreneur, Adrian owns and operates a carpentry business when he is not in school, fine tuning his expertise in mobile robotics. His company, Lanark Maple Products, specializes in making hand turned pens and cutting boards. Understanding the benefits of a career as a professional in the skilled trades industry is obviously not new to Adrian. While multi-talented, it was Adrian’s dedication and creativity with mobile robotics that led him to become a member of WorldSkills Team Canada 2011. “I chose to get involved with Skills/Compétences Canada because it allows me to learn new technologies in a fun and competitive environment.”

Alex Vocal
Hometown: Sainte-Justine, Québec
Skill: Joinery
Age: 19
School/Employer: Armoire Berthiaume Élegance
Career Goal: “I want a career in which I can always improve. I love the challenge of learning about new materials and methods.”

Alex is an enthusiastic nineteen-year-old, who strives for perfection in everything that he does. Passionate about his field, he finds himself working on joinery projects in his free time – building custom furniture in his workshop at home. He has now been working in his field for over a year and is excited at opportunities where he can continue to acquire more knowledge and improve his skills. “I am very good with my hands,” he explains, “and I love a good challenge. This trade presents me with many.” Alex currently works with Armoire Berthiaume Élegance in Québec, where he is able to try out new carpentry materials and methods everyday. The dedication and skill this requires gives Alex a strong sense of pride at the end of each project. Now he is looking forward to competing in London at WorldSkills 2011, where he aims to achieve his best and learn more about himself and his professional trade of Joinery.

Andrew Power
Hometown: Conception Bay South, Newfoundland
Skill: Graphic Design Technology
Age: 20
School/Employer: College of the North Atlantic
Career Goal: “I am searching for a career in which I can apply my creative talents.”

Graphic design is a highly artistic profession that requires the creation of products that have an eye-catching aesthetic while being informative and easy for viewers to navigate. Andrew knew that he wanted a career where he could apply his creative talents. After graduating with a diploma in Graphic Design, Andrew was immediately hired at the Idea Factory, an advertising agency in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He enjoys being able to express himself by implementing his own personal style into all of his work. Andrew is always seeking new opportunities, which is why he volunteered at WorldSkills Calgary 2009, assisting in setting up the Graphic Design competition. He was also a Skills/Compétences Canada National Competitor for four years, which gave Andrew valuable experience. He is now looking forward to travelling to the 41st WorldSkills Competition, to making connections and improving his skills, while representing his home province of Newfoundland.

Antoine Corriveau
Hometown: Québec, Québec
Skill: Cooking
Age: 19
School/Employer: École Hôtelière de la Capitale
Career Goal “Some day, I want to open my own restaurant. I truly believe that to be successful, you have to find something you feel passionate about.”

Antoine knows that it takes hard work to compete on a professional level. Key elements in his recipe for success include self-discipline, practice, education and competition with the best. He moved to Québec City in order to improve his skills by working in some of the most renowned restaurants in the country. Antoine is highly motivated, committing to an intensive five-day-a-week training schedule. Antoine also places tremendous value on his education. At École Hôtelière de la Capitale, he learns from the experts and professionals in his field. He loves competition and immerses himself in it to measure the results of all his hard work. He has found success through Skills/Compétences Canada, having won gold medals at the regional, provincial and national level. Now he is pursuing gold at WorldSkills London 2011.

Benjamin Church
Hometown: Almonte, Ontario
Skill: Mobile Robotics
Age: 16
School/Employer: Almonte District High School
Career Goal: “I am looking for a career in which I can help people.”

Benjamin’s passion for Mobile Robotics began with an interest in science fiction. An honours student at his high school, he excelled in his field naturally as a strong, logical thinker and talented problem solver. Benjamin is aware of the importance of developing a wide skill set and having a range of activities on the go; he is an active member of the community, acts for his community Church, participates in judo and soccer, and assists in several clubs at his school. In addition to all this, Benjamin and his Mobile Robotics team mate are the best in Canada. The team won gold at both the Ontario Technological Skills Competition and Skills Canada National Competition. Benjamin handles this wealth of activities and interests easily because he only does what he truly loves. “Otherwise, it’s not worth it,” he notes. Already a natural performer, and one who is up for the stress and challenge of competition, Benjamin looks forward to competing in the Mobile Robotics skills category at WorldSkills London 2011.

Claude Côté
Hometown: Mascouche, Québec
Skill: Automobile Technology
Age: 21
School/Employer: Centre Formation Professionnel de l’Automobile de Ste-Thérèse
Career Goal: “I want a career where I can have access to information and training, so that I can always be at the leading edge of technology in the automotive world”.

Claude describes himself as light-hearted, dedicated, and confident. “I am a guy who likes to laugh and joke,” he says, “and I don’t get stressed out easily.” He is also passionate about his work, having been around it since he was a child. Claude’s father is a mechanic, and Claude credits him for introducing him to the trade at a young age. “Fuel runs in my veins. I have been hooked on cars for as long as I can remember.” He soon became involved in his field as much as possible, working more than 60-hour weeks, combining work and study. He also began working as a mechanic out of his home. Highly motivated and a fast learner, Claude has always loved the satisfaction of completing a project. He loves to make a vehicle run “like new” and when he can observe the results of his repair work. Claude is hoping to surpass his personal best at WorldSkills London 2011. He is looking forward to acquiring as much knowledge as possible, understanding that this is essential to having a competitive advantage in his professional trade.

Daniel Hall
Hometown: Kamloops, British Columbia
Skill: Electronics
Age: 19
School/Employer: Thompson Rivers University
Career Goal: “I want a career that allows for continuous learning opportunities.”

Daniel is passionate, analytic, and adaptable – key traits to possess within the rapidly expanding field of electronics. “My career is constantly changing and evolving,” he explains, “I live and breathe what I love.” Against the beautiful backdrop of British Columbia, Daniel perfects his skill set daily, both at school and at home. While working towards completing his study of Electrical Engineering at Thompson Rivers University, he also finds time to complete his own projects. Daniel firmly believes that doing what you love is the essential ingredient to achieving success. Through Skills/Compétences Canada competitions and his training for WorldSkills London 2011, Daniel is able to continue to refine his passion and dedicate himself to his work.

Dany Montembeaul
Hometown: St. Celestin, Québec
Skill: Carpentry
Age: 18
School/Employer: Qualitech
Career Goal: “I seek perfection in my work. Some day, I would like to start up my own company.”

Carpentry is a physically and intellectually demanding career and this is exactly what Dany loves about his chosen field. Since a young age, Dany knew that carpentry was what he wanted to do for a living. “There is always something new,” he explains, “I am fascinated with both old and current construction.” He enjoys various aspects of his trade, from framing to finishing. Today, eighteen-year-old Dany owns an apartment block, renting out units and completing renovations. He has successfully renovated his parent’s house in Québec. He is completing his studies of Carpentry at Qualitech, and will soon be entering the labour market full-time. Most of all, Dany is looking forward to working for himself, and hopes to start up his own company one day. An active and driven individual, Dany practices several sports and works on his motorcycle in his free time. He is excited about the challenges he will face and experience he will acquire at WorldSkills London 2011.

Dominic Fortin
Hometown: Québec, Québec
Skill: Landscape Gardening
Age: 19
School/Employer: Centre de Formation Professionelle Fierbourg
Career Goal: “I always look for a sense of having accomplished something at the end of a day’s work.”

Dominic’s passion for Landscape Gardening grew out of his love for both machinery and the outdoors. In his spare time, he has always enjoyed working with cars, skidoos, and motorcycles. He explains that this has enabled him to expand his services that he offers through his landscaping and maintenance business. Since 2007, Dominic has been successfully running his own maintenance business and, since completing his DEP, he now offers his clients a range of landscape gardening services. Well organized with a strong ability to visualize his projects in advance, Dominic always looks forward to feeling of pride and accomplishment as he completes his work each day. Landscape Gardening combines creativity with manual work, making it an ideal career for an imaginative and physically capable individual like Dominic. His initial involvement with Skills/Compétences Canada first came by a stroke of luck and now, through dedication and skill, Dominic is preparing to compete internationally with some of the best in his field.

Gabriel Thérien
Hometown: Brossard, Québec
Skill: Mechatronics
Age: 21
School/Employer: Collège Ahuntsic
Career Goal: “I want diversity in my career, with challenges and where I can acquire knowledge and improve my skills.”

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that combines the technologies of mechanics, electronics and computers. For Gabriel, it is this diversity that keeps him interested and constantly challenged. A rapidly advancing field, Mechatronics requires highly skilled workers who are always updating their knowledge and sharpening their skills. Gabriel attributes his strong work ethic to his course of study of Electrical Engineering, which led to his success in this highly skilled trade. Surpassing his personal best and testing his knowledge are ongoing aims for him. Gabriel believes in choosing a career based on personal strengths and preferences. Highly resourceful, Gabriel is confident that he will be able to tackle any challenges that arise at WorldSkills London 2011: “There is a challenge inherent in every competition and it is always a surprise. I look forward to surpassing my personal best.”

Guillaume Parent
Hometown: Québec,Québec
Skill: IT Network Systems Administration
Age: 20
School/Employer: Cégep Limoilou
Career Goal: “I want a career where I am constantly learning and developing new skills.”

Guillaume has always been fascinated with computers. At a young age he remembers closely observing his father working on his own computer. Ever since Guillaume was given his first computer he has been captivated by the highly complex world of computer software and networks, learning new software programs in addition to writing his own. Currently, Guillaume works as a programmer at Québec’s Ministry of Justice. Everyday he looks forward to working as part of a team, sharing ideas and exploring new possibilities within his field. Truly passionate about his skill, anytime Guillaume is not with his friends, he finds himself working on his computer at home, continuously aiming to improve his skills. He is looking forward to testing his capabilities and proving to himself that he can be one of the best in his skilled trade at WorldSkills London 2011.

Hubert Gravel
Hometown: St. Romuald, Québec
Skill: Restaurant Service
Age: 20
School/Employer: Centre de Formation Professionelle Fierbourg
Career Goal: “In my career, I am looking for a way to enjoy life and to help others enjoy the moment.”

Hubert didn’t always know what he wanted to do for a career, but he was sure that he wanted to enjoy his work everyday. With a positive attitude, he was willing to try different professions, take risks, and learn new skills as a means to discovering his passion. When Hubert tried out Restaurant Service, he knew he was on the right path. He loves being able to help people enjoy the moment when they come to relax and enjoy a good meal. Excellent service is an essential component to this experience and service provides the vital link between the kitchen and guests. With a strong will, Hubert is now working everyday to perfect his wide skill set. Currently, he works in his field at Panache Relais et Chateaux in Québec City. Hubert is looking forward to the challenge of competition at WorldSkills London 2011.

Jenica Bubar
Hometown: Riverview, New Brunswick
Skill: Beauty Therapy
Age: 20
School/Employer: Medes College
Career Goal: “My career goal is to own my own spa or to go into teaching.”

Jenica is an outgoing and energetic twenty-year-old, who knows exactly what she loves. Soon after beginning her study of aesthetics, she realized that she had discovered her passion. Since then, she has become wholeheartedly dedicated to her skill, enjoying the variety that her work offers as well as the interactions she is able to have with others. Drawing from her experience, she advises other young people to first explore all of their options in order to determine what they love. Jenica currently works for France Michaud, founder of the New Brunswick-based Medes Esthetik and Laser Spa. She will soon be working full-time while training for the upcoming WorldSkills London 2011 Competition. A winner of gold at both the provincial and national Skills/Compétences Canada competitions, Jenica is a proud member of WorldSkills Team Canada 2011.

Jonathan Sinke
Hometown: Jordan Station, Ontario
Skill: Cabinetmaking
Age: 21
School/Employer: Conestoga College
Career Goal: “I would like to start my own cabinetmaking business.”

In his hometown of Jordan Station, Ontario, Jonathan began working with wood in his home workshop. Always an ambitious individual who enjoyed working with his hands, Jordan loved the intricate process of designing, building and installing furniture and cabinets. Soon woodworking evolved from a hobby into a passion. He now hopes to set up his own business and is confident that Skills/Compétences Canada will provide the opportunities to help him develop his trade so that he get started. “The stories of past competitors who successfully started their own businesses after competing at WorldSkills competitions was a source of inspiration for me,” he explains. His profession is ripe with career opportunities. Currently, he spends his time between studying woodworking at Conestoga College and apprenticing at Old Mills Artisans, where he builds custom furniture and cabinetry. Jonathan is looking forward to competing at WorldSkills London 2011: “I want to see how well I can do against the best young cabinetmakers in the world.”

Katy Delisle
Hometown: Chateauguay, Québec
Skill: Fashion Technology
Age: 20
School/Employer: École des métiers des Faubourgs de Montréal
Career Goal: “I would love to work on stage productions, with films and theatre productions. I want to keep learning.”

Katy likes to keep herself busy. Constantly sewing and creating, Katy always has an abundance of projects on the go. Because of her love for fashion technology, the amount of work she takes on is rarely overwhelming. Her profession requires a high degree of exactitude and creativity; it is a fast-advancing trade that combines traditional methods with computer-aided design technologies. For this reason, Katy resolves to always be goal-driven, to continuously seek new opportunities to learn and challenge herself. Katy is currently studying Pattern making in Montréal, Québec and taking on design contracts on the side, applying imagination and originality in all her personal and professional work. Katy is excited to take on competitors from around the world in Fashion Technology at WorldSkills London 2011.

Kaylyn Mack
Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan
Skill: Ladies’ / Men’s Hairdressing
Age: 21
School/Employer: Richard’s Beauty College
Career Goal: “I want to be able to get up every morning and love going to work. I want people to love their looks as much as I like creating them.”

Kaylyn’s outgoing Saskatchewanian personality is captivating on its own – and then you discover that she is Canada’s top young hairdresser. Kaylyn stays involved with competitions in order to sharpen her skills and stay current with the trends. Having started with Skills/Compétences Canada five years ago, Kaylyn has now competed in four Skills Canada National Competitions. Her commitment to Skills/Compétences Canada began at an early age and motivated her to be the best, as she watched and admired more senior competitors earn the opportunity to compete on the world stage. With her continued work and skills development, she has transitioned into the inspiration that other young hairstylists across Canada can now look up to. When asked what she likes best about her career, Kaylyn’s answer is simple: to make people happy.

Luke Moore
Hometown: Innisfail, Alberta
Skill: CNC Milling
Age: 21
School/Employer: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic)
Career Goal: “I want to be able to work for myself and improve the skills of my trade.”

Luke attributes much of his skill set to the knowledge he gained growing up on his family farm in Alberta. It is there that he learned the value and reward of hard work. Luke still enjoys helping his family on the farm today, and does so whenever he can. It is no surprise that one of the aspects Luke appreciates most about his chosen field is being able to work with his hands. Adept at building small parts and paying close attention to detail, the exactitude required in the trade of CNC Milling makes it an ideal career choice for someone like Luke. He understands that learning in his field is a continuous process and encourages other young people to remain open to advice when working towards their chosen careers. Luke believes that one can always improve upon their skills, which is one of the many reasons he looks forward to competing at WorldSkills London 2011.

Marc-André Lambert
Hometown: Mirabel, Québec
Skill: Sheet Metal Technology
Age: 21
School/Employer: André Gagnon Aluminium
Career Goal: “I am looking for three things in a career: growth, responsibility, and challenge.”

It was Marc-André’s experience as a roofer that led him to become the WorldSkills Team Canada member in Sheet Metal Technology. “I wanted to know everything about different types of roofing,” he explained. He acknowledges that the field is rich with possibilities for anyone who wants to start a business. Optimistic and hard-working, Marc-André has excelled in his studies. “I have made a point to never skip a class to ensure that I learn as much information and receive as much guidance as possible. It takes patience to learn new skills; we cannot retain everything in a single day,” he said. Most of all, Marc-André truly loves what he does. He enjoys manual work, he loves to work as part of a team and to practice his trade. Calm and sure of himself, Marc-André is ready to take on the challenges that await him at WorldSkills London 2011.

Marie-Eve Lazure
Hometown: La Prairie, Québec
Skill: Confectionery / Pastry Cook
Age: 20
School/Employer: Centre Formation Jacques-Rousseau
Career Goal: “I am searching for passion and self-fulfillment in a career.”

Marie-Ève initially entered the regional Skills/Compétences Canada Competition motivated purely by her love of Pastry Cooking. With a perseverant attitude – always seeking to acquire more knowledge and expertise – Marie-Ève is currently studying full-time while preparing for WorldSkills London 2011. Highly creative, Marie-Ève enjoys the imagination and innovation required in working with complex and exquisite flavours. Pastry cooking also requires a strong visual component in design and decoration, and as Marie-Ève explains, it is always a challenge to remain on top and stay informed of the industry’s most current developments and trends. Marie-Ève is proud of how far she has come and is looking forward to meeting her competition head-on at WorldSkills London 2011.

Maxime Piché
Hometown: Laval, Québec
Skill: Plumbing and Heating
Age: 19
School/Employer: Polymécanique
Career Goal: “I want to look forward to getting up every morning and going to work at a trade that I love.”

For nineteen-year-old Maxime, plumbing was a natural career choice. As he grew up he was inspired by his father and his two brothers, who were also in the field. His passion for his work also grew from his passion and skill of working hands-on. “The specialized trades are the best way to go,” he explains. Always seeking to learn more and highly competitive, Maxime undertook studies in his chosen trade at Polymécanique in Québec while working in the construction field. He explains that Skills/Compétences Canada allowed him to realize his talents, while helping build confidence in his work. Excelling under pressure and having honed his skills to where he is able to work with speed and accuracy, Maxime is now looking forward to competing with the best at WorldSkills London 2011.

Michael Anthony Christensen
Hometown: info
Skill: Mechanical Engineering Design – CAD
Age: 19
School/Employer: RMS Ross Corporation
Career Goal: “I want to wake up every morning and love going to work. I would like to own my own structural engineering company.”

Michael is a determined competitor who believes in finding something you love, working hard at it, and sticking with it. With Mechanical CADD, he did just that. Michael first came upon his career quite naturally and has always loved the field. He has now committed to his passion at a professional level, working at RMS Ross Corporation, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of an extensive range of mining machinery. His career choice offers him the freedom to design and create anything, an aspect which taps into Michael’s curiosity and imaginative personality. What does Michael do at the end of his challenging and inspiring days? He continues to apply his abilities with mechanics while working on his car. Michael looks forward to taking on the world at WorldSkills London 2011.

Michael Demers
Hometown: Saint-Valère, Québec
Skill: Industrial Control
Age: 19
School/Employer: Cégep de Victoriaville
Career Goal: “I want a career that is out of the ordinary. I like it when work brings me something new everyday.”

Michaël has a competitive spirit. He has always been involved in a variety of sports, and particularly loves hockey, football, and soccer. His interest in the skilled trade of Industrial Control grew out of his desire to understand the complexities and functions of electrical appliances. He is now studying industrial electronics at the Cégep de Victoriaville. Learning is something Michaël loves; he enjoys all of his courses and the latest innovations in his area of study. How does Michaël tackle the challenges of competition? “I think before I begin to work. That way, I can easily grasp all aspects of the work that I have to do.” With a desire for experience that is out of the ordinary and with a taste for competition, Michaël is looking forward to competing on the world stage at WorldSkills London 2011.

Mikael Hudon
Hometown: Magog, Québec
Skill: Welding
Age: 21
School/Employer: Piervan
Career Goal: “In my career I am looking for challenge and variety. I love working with my hands.”

Mikael is an outdoors person and an avid climber. He has completed a degree in welding installation and has achieved an ASP (Professional Specialization Certificate) in high pressure welding. He now applies his skills on a daily basis in the workplace, working as a welder for Piervan, a mechanical maintenance company. Mikael loves how tactile his field is; he enjoys being able to work physically with the metal throughout the welding process, as well as the reward of holding a finished product in his hands. When it comes to learning, Mikael explains that it has been important for him to engage with experts in his trade, to listen carefully to their advice and observe them in practice. His teachers are a major source of inspiration for him. Passionate and motivated, Mikael is excited to face the competition at WorldSkills London 2011.

Nicolas Richard
Hometown: Trois-Rivières, Québec
Skill: Bricklaying
Age: 20
School/Employer: Qualitech
Career Goal: “I want to start a bricklaying company or teach my trade at the school that I am currently representing.”

Nicolas loves his work, particularly the physical work it entails. He loves that bricklaying enables his to spend time outdoors, as well as the creativity involved. As a perseverant and self-disciplined individual, Nicolas ensures that he is always applying his full effort into his projects. Studying in his field at Qualitech in Québec, Nicolas finds inspiration in his teacher, Gilles Sanscartier, who encouraged him to participate in Skills/Compétences Canada. “I am taking part in this competition because I want to be the best. My goal is to return to Canada with a gold medal; I never give up,” he explains. Nicolas’ career goal is to teach at his school or to start his own bricklaying company. Currently an apprentice-bricklayer, Nicolas is looking forward to the new challenges he will experience at WorldSkills London 2011.

Nigel Renschler
Hometown: Stettler, Alberta
Skill: Autobody Repair
Age: 19
School/Employer: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic)
Career Goal: “I want a career that will be stable yet challenge me to learn something new everyday.”

Nigel is the kind of person who never sits down. When he is not perfecting his trade, he is busy playing music, camping, or doing motocross. Nigel’s goal is to learn something new everyday, both at work and in training. The desire to continuously gain knowledge in his field is one of the reasons Nigel is looking forward to competing at WorldSkills London 2011. Currently attending SAIT Polytechnic and employed at Brennan Autobody in Stettler, Alberta, Nigel exercises and fine tunes his skills by working with his hands every day. His easy-going and relaxed character is obvious when he is interacting with clients. “The best part is seeing the looks on people faces when they see how good their car looks,” he explains.

Riley Van Ryswyk
Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia
Skill: Web Design
Age: 17
School/Employer: Earl Marriott Secondary
Career Goal: “I am pursuing an engineering degree and seeking a whole range of new job possibilities.”

Seventeen-year-old Riley has been involved with Skills/Compétences Canada since Grade 9. “It was the Skills Canada competitions that helped us to learn new techniques,” he explains, “After the first year I became intrigued and wanted to compete and do better the next year.” Now in Grade 12, Riley is training for his first WorldSkills Competition. He has always loved working with computers and when not in training, Riley enjoys building new products. In the skills category of web design, he finds that there is always something new to learn. “I enjoy the fact that in this industry everything is constantly changing and improving.” Riley is a competitor who excels under pressure, remaining focused and relaxed. He will be bringing his strengths in coding and design to the WorldSkills 2011 Competition.

Ryan Gomes
Hometown: Cambridge, Ontario
Skill: Aircraft Mechanics
Age: 21
School/Employer: Centennial College
Career Goal: “I am searching for a career that offers excitement and a chance to see the world.”

Ryan Gomes is an ambitious twenty-one year old from Cambridge who is gearing up for a career filled with possibilities within a highly skilled and professional trade. He holds the title of gold-medalist from the 2009 Skills Canada National Competition. Passionate about his trade, Ryan is exposing himself to as many facets of the industry as possible. He is currently a member of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association of Ontario and The Recreational Aircraft Association, while working with Air Partners Inc. at the Buttonville (Toronto) Airport. One of the more interesting aspects of Ryan’s passion for his trade is his thrill of working on expensive and advanced pieces of aircraft machinery, entitled only to those with specialized knowledge and skill. When asked what drives him to compete, Ryan responded, “To do the best that I can, and to prove to the world that Canada has an exceptional aerospace industry.”

Sean Donnan
Hometown: Leduc, Alberta
Skill: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Age: 21
School/Employer: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
Career Goal: “I want to be the best I can be. I am looking for a career where I can wake up every morning and look forward to the day.”

Sean first became interested in his skill because his father owned a refrigeration firm. As he watched his father start and build a successful company, taking up the skilled trade was a natural choice. It was long before Sean discovered how much he actually enjoyed it. He now applies his skill set in the workplace full-time, while completing his training at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Sean loves what he does. His work constantly provides him with new experiences, allowing him to apply his knowledge in a variety of different ways everyday. Above all, he enjoys being able work with his hands and to visually observe his progress while he works. Sean is looking forward to the travel, education, and excitement he will experience while competing at WorldSkills London 2011.

Simon Laflamme
Hometown: St. Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec
Skill: Landscape Gardening
Age: 21
School/Employer: Centre de Formation Professionelle Fierbourg
Career Goal: “In my career, I am looking to make a name for myself and to make a difference.”

Simon is positive and energetic, especially when it comes to his professional work with Landscape Gardening. “I chose this work because I love working outdoors and achieving great things with my hands,” he explains. “I take great pride when I can make people smile when they see the results of my work.” Simon also cherishes the enjoyment he receives from working on a team. He finds inspiration through his colleagues in the field and works on fostering those relationships in order to learn more about his profession. He undertakes projects on the side in addition to working full-time. Now a graduate from the Centre de Formation Professionelle Fierbourg, Simon is looking forward to applying his physical and mental endurance in a new and challenging environment. For Simon, WorldSkills London 2011 is about pushing his strengths in order to attain his personal best.

Thierry Lecours
Hometown: Repentigny, Québec
Skill: Mechatronics
Age: 21
School/Employer: Collège Ahuntsic
Career Goal: “I want a career in which I can be active. I want variety in my work.”

Thierry is a highly motivated twenty-one-year-old who loves being active. He never sits still, participating in various sports in his free time. For him, the technical trades was a natural choice, given his interest in manual work. He was also looking to utilize his intellectual knowledge base and skills acquired in his studies of Electrical Engineering. Mechatronics was a perfect choice for an individual like Thierry. The combination of the physical and mental work required in his area of expertise gives him the variety he desires in a profession. He excels under pressure and looks forward to the deadline-oriented environment of competition. Thierry is excited to apply his personal and professional experience and surpass his personal best at WorldSkills London 2011.

Timothy Twa
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Skill: Electrical Installations
Age: 21
School/Employer: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic)
Career Goal: “I am looking for a career that I love, where I can support my lifestyle of travelling, snowmobiling, and dirt biking.”

Growing up on the West Coast of Canada, Timothy became an outdoor enthusiast, spending much of his free time hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping. Most recently, Timothy hiked the West Coast Trail, a highly challenging 77 kilometre (47 mile) hike along the rugged Pacific coastline. He also completed the Canoe Circuit of Bowron Lake Provincial Park, which includes 116 kilometres of vast lakes and waterways. Timothy applies this love for new and exciting experiences to his career. For him, the challenge of working with electricity – in its mystery and its complexity – makes it an experience of a lifetime. Having successfully completed four years of technical training in electrical wiring, Timothy is putting his skills to work as lead hand on the newest section of Calgary’s Light Rail Transit System. Timothy is looking forward to continued learning and the challenge of competition at WorldSkills London 2011.

Tom Middlebro
Hometown: Guelph, Ontario
Skill: Offset Printing
Age: 20
School/Employer: Cober Evolving Solutions
Career Goal: “I want to look forward to going to work everyday because I love my job.”

A twenty-year-old from Guelph, Ontario, Tom explains that it was a stroke of luck that he found his keen interest in offset printing. “I stumbled into a skills competition in College because I had taken some offset courses on my way to graduating with a diploma in graphic design.” An especially quick learner, Tom has since taken on developing and perfecting his skill set full-time, involving an intense training schedule in which he will be travelling all over the country in the lead-up to WorldSkills London 2011. Within the field of offset printing, Tom most loves being able to operate a large machine with infinite creative potential. He also enjoys working within the closely connected printing community. He hopes that other young people searching for careers will discover the opportunities and advantages of the skilled trades: “ If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. There are awesome careers out there in the trades.”