Brock Chiasson

Trade: Mobile Robotics
School: Yorkton Regional High School
Hometown: Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Age: 18

"I chose this trade because it interests me and I know it will be challenging work. The previous success of my family in mobile robotics struck me and made me want to become involved in this activity and compete at Skills Canada competitions. "

  • I became involved with Skills Canada through my older brother, a previous WorldSkills Competitor in mobile robotics, and my dad who is part of Team Canada in the role of Expert in mobile robotics. They have both travelled the world for skills competitions and have achieved much success and so I was eager to get involved.
  • Interesting fact about Brock: during his spare time, he enjoys disc golf.
  • I believe that working with others and continuous learning are the most important Essential Skills to have to compete successfully in mobile robotics. We have to work as a team of two and therefore rely on each other for this competition. We also need to learn new programs in order to complete our tasks during the competition.

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