Gabriel Leblanc

Trade: Fashion Technology
School: Centre de Formation Compétences - 2000
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Age: 21

"The trade I have chosen is fashion technology. I have wanted to pursue a career in this field from a very young age. My family members even say that I was born with a threading needle in my hand. This trade allows me to use my creativity by blending many materials to create something unique. "

  • In the future, I would love to have my own clothing line that would be displayed at fashion shows. I got involved with Skills Competitions because of two of my teachers who saw a spark and a passion within me and convinced me to compete.
  • Interesting fact about Gabriel: I’ve only taken one sewing course however I am able to sew pretty much anything!
  • I believe the most important Essential Skill to have is thinking. I am always thinking about my sewing projects and how to improve them.

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