Jonathan Adair

Trade: CNC Turning
School: Georgian College
Employer: Theta TTS Inc.
Hometown: Barrie, Ontario
Age: 20

"I feel that there are many lucrative career opportunities in the skilled trades and that is why I have decided to pursue a career in this field. In the future I’d like to work in a shop where I can design and make parts for customers and further down the road I’d like to have my own shop. "

  • I found out about Skills Competitions through one of my teachers. I knew that it would be a great opportunity to receive extra training in my trade and that it could potentially lead to new opportunities.
  • I am inspired by people who find a career that they love and wake up every day excited to go to work.
  • I feel that all of the nine Essential Skills help me in my career however document use and continuous learning are the most important ones to master. Document use is useful for reading blueprints and continuous learning allows me to fix any problems that I may encounter.

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