Judson Foster

Trade: Electronics
School: Highland Secondary
Hometown: Comox, BC
Age: 16

"Electronics has been a hobby of mine for several years. I began making simple circuits with electronic kits and then applied these skills for science fair projects. This includes building a robot, which could talk and respond to voice commands. I always loved taking old electronic devices apart to see how they worked. Working in engineering has been my career goal for awhile now. I enjoy electronics very much and I feel that my skill set is well suited to work in this field."

  • I intend to become an electronic engineer. This would allow me to solve electronic related problems for various devices and add new features to existing products.
  • Interesting fact about Judson: there are many people that have had a positive impact on my life such as my family who is very supportive of my endeavors. My teachers have also played an important role by helping me identify my strengths and by providing me with many opportunities such as the Skills Canada National Competition.
  • I believe reading text is an important Essential Skill to have for electronics. Reading textbooks has helped me to improve my theoretical knowledge on electronics.

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