Kevin Couderc-Dubois

Trade: IT – Network Systems Administration
School: Rosemont College
Employer: Cisco Systems Canada
Hometown: Boisbriand, Quebec
Age: 20

"I started a specialized program towards the end of my high school studies. I’ve had a constant immersion in the field of IT network systems and administration before I even started college. This interest eventually developed into a passion, which has led me to pursue a career in this field."

  • I plan to continue working for Cisco however my goal is to obtain an engineering position in the global virtual engineering team. This would allow me to support a variety of accounts from across the globe for different Cisco activities.
  • Interesting fact about Kevin: I am a musician and I play guitar, bass and battery. The determination and discipline that are required to be a musician are skills that have helped me during my training for the competition.
  • Continuous learning is an Essential Skill that I consider to be very important for a career in technology. As this field is constantly changing and evolving, it is important to keep up with these developments.

Competition History

Training History

  • WorldSkills Team Canada Trials: Cisco Canada, Montreal, QC, January 3-6, 2017



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