Scott Dombowsky-Oneski

Trade: Cabinetmaking
School: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Employer: Allstar Corporation
Hometown: Rocky View, Alberta
Age: 20

I believe that reading text is the most important Essential Skill to have for cabinetmaking. You must be able to interpret the drawing of the project to be able to execute it correctly. I also think that continuous learning is valuable; you can always find ways to improve operations and be more efficient.

  • I chose to pursue a career in the skilled trades because carpentry runs in my family and I enjoy cabinetmaking because I find it challenging. I would like to start my own business one day. I have been competing in Skills Competitions since 2013, winning three silver medals before achieving gold both provincially and nationally in 2016. I am looking forward to competing against my peers at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017.
  • Interesting fact about Scott: During my free time, I am an avid hunter.

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