Sean Furber

Trade: Mobile Robotics
School: Yorkton Regional High School
Hometown: Yorkton
Age: 17

"At the moment I have not chosen a career however I feel that skilled trade careers are a really good option as I would get to work with my hands and do a job that I enjoy doing. The field of robotics has always interested me as I am fascinated by technology and I have always been very curious as to how everything works."

  • I got involved in Skills Canada competitions through an afterschool robotics club offered at my school and it has been a great experience so far.
  • Interesting fact about Sean: my biggest inspiration is my teammates' older brother, Bo Chiasson, who competed at WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 in mobile robotics and won a medallion of excellence.
  • I find that the Essential Skill of continuous learning is of great importance in the field of mobile robotics because it is a growing field and there is always more to learn.

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