Silas Meeches

Trade: CNC Milling
School: Red River College
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Age: 20

"I chose to pursue a career in machining because it’s something that I’ve loved doing since high school. I initially wanted to be a welder but I became very interested in machining in grade 12. My career goal is to one day be a five axis programmer or multi axis lathe programmer."

  • I would also like to eventually become a teacher in this trade.
  • Interesting fact about Silas: my biggest inspiration is my high school metal shop teacher Jamie Richardson. He taught me the basics of metalworking, which has led me to compete at a Skills Competition.
  • Numeracy is definitely the most important Essential Skill in my line of work. You need to be able to calculate your speeds and feeds and also understand the dimensions represented on the drawings.

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