Maryse Bureau

École des métiers spécialisés de Laval
Laval, Québec

My Skills Background 

I’m a Teacher in Aesthetics at École des métiers spécialisés de Laval. It’s a pleasure to share my passion with young people. I’ve been an Expert in my Skill Area for approximately 16 years. 

The Importance of Training 

Training is essential. The more prepared the competitors are, the better they will perform and the more confident they will feel. But competitors must also take time to rest and work out. They need to stay physically fit and clear their minds. 

During training, I work to ensure that the competitor masters as many aesthetic techniques as possible. Our main challenge will be dealing with the stress of competing against highly qualified candidates in a foreign country where different languages are spoken. 

Success for me is when the competitor is engaged and happy to participate in the WorldSkills Competition. I believe a happy competitor gives their all which makes them perform well. Regardless of the outcome at WorldSkills Lyon 2024, the important thing is to be passionate, perform to the best of your ability, and be confident that you delivered a well-executed project. I most look forward to seeing the competitor invested in and proud of their performance. It’s so rewarding to see the pride in their eyes once they complete their tasks.  

The Value of the Skills for Success 

Adaptability and Creativity are the two most important Skills for Success for my competitor at the 47th WorldSkills Competition. I hope they take the opportunity during this event to grow their skills, broaden their knowledge and network with their peers, all important tools for building a successful professional career.  

Why I Love to Volunteer 

I love to volunteer to help the young enthusiasts of the next generation. It’s especially satisfying to see young people enter skills events not only to improve on their existing skills, but to also acquire a vast amount of experience within a very short timeframe.  

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