Akshay Vineet - 22

Sheridan College
Cloud Computing
Caledon, ON


Initially, I developed a keen interest in the field of network engineering. From there, I gained exposure to cloud computing and what it brought to the industry. Cloud computing has marked a shift in the way corporations build and maintain their infrastructure, allowing the development of more secure, robust, and innovative platforms. I believe I possess the skills required to become a resourceful professional in this field. I want to focus on cloud security, the most important component to keep large companies from trouble. 

My professor Felix Carapaica, who teaches cloud computing at my school introduced me to the skills competition and encouraged me to participate. It was an exemplary experience and honour to represent Ontario on the national stage. It opened many doors for my professional career and gave me an opportunity to showcase my skill set. 

Interesting Fact  

My parents are my biggest inspiration. They have worked tirelessly for days and nights to ensure I receive all the necessities to excel in school, pushing me constantly to become a better version of myself every day.  

Skills for Success 

For this field, I believe digital literacy is the most important skill for success. It shows that you know the ins and outs of the platform and can use that knowledge to implement appropriate solutions. Communication has been a work in progress so far in my professional career. I have been a shy and introverted person since childhood, but I keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone to help build on that skill. 

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