Mechanical Engineering CAD

What is Mechanical Engineering CADD? 

Computer aided design and drafting, or CADD as it is commonly known, is used by computer age mechanical draftspersons to translate product design concepts into accurate and detailed technical drawings and specifications for engineering, manufacturing or other purposes. These drawings describe the size, shape and function of objects and mechanical components for the use of design and production firms. A CAD draftsperson generally works closely with the production team, explaining or adjusting the drawings as work progresses. They must ensure that their drawings conform to the project’s requirements, while considering the limitations of the materials being used. 

CAD drafting techniques have changed the work of the mechanical draftsperson, because the computer is faster, more accurate, allows design variations to be easily accomplished and has eliminated many of the repetitive tasks formerly associated with this profession. However, even though its use is rapidly replacing traditional manual drafting methods, much of the same knowledge of technical and engineering materials, practices and conventions is still required by this occupation

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