What is mechatronics? 

Mechatronics combines the technologies of mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, information processing, basic electricity, and motor and motion control. A career in this field can involve assembly, manufacture, maintenance and commissioning of automation machinery, products and production systems. Workers are required to complete the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic assembly of a parts transfer system in accordance with provided documentation and schematics. The electrical wiring involved in this work includes input and output connections, sensor and motor wiring, switches, push buttons, and pneumatic solenoids. 

Mechatronics workers must have a broad knowledge base, including a familiarity with pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical symbology, relay logic and ladder diagram wiring and programming techniques. Using tools such as multimeters, wrenches, allen keys and screwdrivers, they set up a machine so that a workpiece will be moved in accordance to a set pattern under the control of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). A large portion of their time is spent faultfinding, troubleshooting, and looking for hardware problems, as well as searching for ways to improve different aspects of the control project, possibly including efficiency or safety issues. 

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