Industrial Control

What is industrial control? 

 Automation and control technicians may work on almost anything, from home appliances to the three hundred horsepower motors that run conveyor belts in factories. They need to have knowledge of the basic electrical theory related to motors and wire calculations, an understanding of commercial and industrial wiring methods, and be aware of the rules and regulations of the Electrical Safety Code in everything they do. They are faced with challenges that involve the use of programmable logic controllers, computers and IP technology. 

An aptitude for mathematics and an eye for detail will serve you well in this field. You should be able to work well with others since you will often be part of a team, but also be able to work independently and take initiative when necessary. Excellent communication and analytical skills, adaptability, flexibility and knowledge of computers are important. You need to be able to read, interpret and understand complex diagrams, so good reading and writing abilities are required. If you are interested in electricity and how it works, you might enjoy working in electric motor control. 

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