Web Technologies

What is web technologies? 

Website design is a relatively new occupation, involving the construction and maintenance of an internet home page. Working on computers with specialized software programs, designers are responsible for the overall arrangement and creation of the internet presentation, which usually includes links to other web pages, graphics, text, and lettering placed according to conceptual layouts and technical specifications. They prepare designs, sketches, illustrations, layouts and visual images to communicate information clearly, precisely and persuasively for their clients. It is crucial that they are able to meet the goals of their client while keeping the website visually appealing, informative and accessible. They also must be aware of the copyright, authorship and ethical issues related to this rapidly expanding phenomenon. 

Website creation is currently in great demand because of the growing popularity of the World Wide Web as a communications medium. However, for the same reasons websites are becoming so widespread, they are also becoming easier to create, making the industry very competitive. As the technology is continually improving, evolving and changing, designers must be capable of learning and quickly adapting to new products, equipment and computer software in order to win new clients

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