Job Skill Demonstration

What is job skill demonstration? 

The ability to perform effective technical demonstrations is an important skill for everyone to possess. Students are required to do this throughout their academic years, as special school projects often have to be presented to classmates and teachers. These types of demonstrations are also necessary in the workforce, whether you are giving an update to a project team, making a sales presentation to a client, or trying to convince your supervisor of the validity of a proposal. This skill is invaluable no matter what your career aspirations.  

Completing a well thought out and detailed demonstration can give you confidence in yourself and your abilities. In preparation, you should thoroughly research your topic and make notes on what you need to cover, so that you won’t forget anything. Using your props, practice what you are going to say and do several times to avoid problems later on. Being organized will invariably make the technical demonstration flow more smoothly and aid you in effectively delivering the information you are trying to convey. Be sure to speak in a clear and concise manner in a tone of voice with varying pitch as you describe step by step the skill that you are demonstrating, so that your audience will not only be able to understand you but will also stay interested. 

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