What is carpentry?

There are two main categories: structural carpenters who build and maintain structures, and detail carpenters who concentrate on interior cosmetic applications. All carpenters perform numerous tasks. They may be required to install prefabricated structures such as window frames, doors or shelves, build foundations, install beams and subflooring, or erect walls and roofing systems. They also build stairways and wall partitions, install fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms, apply drywall, plaster or insulation material to both ceilings and walls, and install moldings, parquet flooring and tiles. 

Carpenters use the latest technology in hand and power tools, including computerized machinery, to cut, fit and assemble wood and other materials in the construction of buildings, docks, industrial plants and many other structures. They start with the drawings or blueprints that define the scope of the specific project, measure and mark the layout, cut and shape the materials with hand and power tools, join the materials, check the work and make any necessary adjustments. Their duties often include arranging for sub-contractors, preparing cost estimates and writing progress reports also. 

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