What is hairstyling? 

Hairdressers help people to look and feel their best. They may be asked to curl, wave, perm, bleach, tint or dye a customer’s hair, or merely to cut and style it. 

Each appointment begins with a consultation with the customer, to find out what they want done to their hair and offer potential options. They may suggest a hairstyle compatible with the client’s physical features, or determine the best style from the client’s instructions and preferences. 

To complete the appointment, hairdressers advise patrons on how to care for their hair, discuss any problems and recommend appropriate hygiene and styling practices. Before starting on the next customer, they always clean and sanitize their hairdressing equipment. 

As styles continually change and evolve, hairdressers must also continue to upgrade and learn new skills to keep up with new trends, products and styles. This training may involve travelling to attend conventions and hair shows, or taking short courses at private styling schools 

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