What is aesthetics? 

Aesthetics will take the aesthetician on a journey into a career ripe with opportunity for success and personal satisfaction. The need for professional aestheticians has grown due to consumer demands brought about by a growing population, increased longevity and a new prospective on health and well-being. The more holistic approach to beauty has given birth to a new era that has broadened treatment options and created a much stronger connection between beauty, health and wellness. 

As the demand for new service soars, so does the need for professionally trained aestheticians. Any resort, cruise ship, tourism location or business that caters to grooming, health and beauty clientele, provides an opportunity. Today’s trained aestheticians have begun to branch out in such areas as dermatology clinics and Medical Spas where the integration of surgical procedures and aesthetic treatments are uniting, thus allowing estheticians to work along with health professionals to administer pre and postoperative treatments. 

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