Landscape Gardening

What is landscape gardening? 

Landscape gardening involves the art and science of the selection and culturing of plants, and the arrangement of landscape structures using materials such as soil, wood, stone and concrete. Combinations of all of these constitute the built landscape, where additional expertise in the care and ongoing maintenance of plants is employed. 

Working in parks, garden centers, landscape companies, golf courses, and plant nurseries, landscape gardeners the world over are typically dedicated individuals who gain immense satisfaction from their work. From the planning and layout of the landscape project, through building and finally maintenance, the specialized expertise gained from experience and training is well utilized. Knowledge of botanical and common plant names, plant biology and species culture, climate zones, soils and fertility, water and nutrients, and related requirements, are very basic requirements. Materials and construction knowledge is essential to creating functional, sustainable, and safe landscapes for the enjoyment of few or many, as the case may be. 

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