Alain Harvey

Centre de formation horticole de Laval
Landscape Gardening
St. Calixte, Québec

My Skills Background

I’m a Landscaping Teacher at Centre de formation horticole de Laval. I love sharing my passion for my profession. Seeing my students thrive in this trade makes me proud. I have been an Expert in my Skill Area since 2020.

The Importance of Training

During training, I encourage my competitors to stay calm, try to anticipate problems, and look for solutions, and to work at a sustained and steady pace. I believe our competitors may be challenged at WorldSkills Lyon 2024 when they must adapt to unfamiliar materials, tools and techniques. To mitigate risk, I challenge them by taking them out of their comfort zone as much as possible.

My goal is to set my team up for success by ensuring they have carefully prepared for the competition, are able to perform to the best of their abilities, and can leave the competition with pride. A key part of their training will include learning how to mentally prepare for the four-day competition which can be overwhelming.

I’m looking forward to interacting with all the participants during this intense week of competition. The new relationships that develop between the competitors, the Experts and all the volunteers are extraordinary and can last a lifetime.

The Value of the Skills for Success

The important Skills for Success for our competitor at the 47th WorldSkills Competition will be Adaptability and Collaboration. I hope our competitors have a life-changing experience that includes making strong personal and professional connections that will help them further their careers in the future.

Why I Love Volunteering

I love volunteering because getting involved in skills competitions has become a passion of mine. These events always provide an enriching experience for me. Most importantly, it is extremely rewarding to help young people who are passionate about their profession reach a new level of success.

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