Andrik Jacobsen - 20

Sherwood Park, AB


I chose the trades because I enjoy working with my hands and getting to see a real world finished product when I am done. I enjoy cabinetmaking because it allows for a very fine level of detail and precision to make a beautiful final product. My career goals are to have both my cabinetmaking and carpentry journeyman tickets and possibly one day own my own shop. 

I got involved with skills competitions through my high school construction teacher. The skills competitions have been life changing by allowing me to become great at what I do and giving me the opportunity to learn from and compete against other very skilled individuals. My biggest inspiration is my first skills trainer who introduced me to the trades and taught me a majority of the things I needed to be successful both in skills and my profession. 

Interesting Fact  

Until halfway through high school, when I found my love for cabinetmaking, I had spent my whole life planning on being an engineer. 

Skills for Success 

Almost all nine Skills for Success have been instrumental in my career, however, creativity and innovation is one of the most important. In my experience, problem-solving and communication are two very important skills to be constantly working on and developing. 

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