Angelo Spano

Centennial College
Heavy Vehicle Technology
Vaughan, Ontario

My Skills Background  

I work at the Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology. I’m a College Professor and Program Coordinator for Heavy Equipment apprenticeship programs. Teaching machine systems to students and seeing their “I-get-it” moments is very rewarding to me. I’ve been a WorldSkills Expert in my Skill Area since 2017. 

The Importance of Training 

Training for competitors is critical because of the diverse equipment and machine systems that are used at the WorldSkills Competition. The fact that we don’t know what type of equipment will be used at WorldSkills Lyon 2024 will be a challenge. Nonetheless, I’ll evaluate the competitor’s weaknesses and tailor their training to those areas. They also need to maintain good physical health and develop mental strategies that will help them focus and achieve demanding international standards. 

As an Expert, success is knowing that your competitor is well trained and prepared for the WorldSkills Competition. I believe it’s also important that the competitor enjoys this experience. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.  

I look forward to collaborating with other Skills Experts and providing a fair competition for everyone. I’ll also enjoy touring the host country and experiencing some of its traditional foods! 

The Value of the Skills for Success    

The important skills for competitors during their training and at the competition will be Problem Solving, to help them find a solution when machine systems don’t work; Communication, to enable them to communicate with their judges and interpret system software and information; and Adaptability, so they can adjust to unfamiliar equipment. I hope my competitor makes new friends, enjoys the experience, and remembers this event in a positive way! 

Why I Love Volunteering 

It’s rewarding to help young people get started in this career. Volunteering enables me to give back to the trade that made me successful. 

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