Anne Matiowsky - 20

St. Lawrence College
Kingston, Ontario


I chose a skilled trade as a career because I have always been interested in working in a field where I can do work that is hands on. I enjoy working in the service industry in particular because I’m very social and I love making people look and feel their best.

Beauty Therapy was an easy career choice for me because I enjoy working in the service industry, I’m very social and I love making people look and feel their best. In the future I would like to either run a spa from my home or open a wax bar. I became involved in Skills Competitions when my teachers introduced our class to them. I knew from that moment that I wanted to compete in a Skills Competition.

Interesting Fact

My biggest inspiration is one of the technicians at my school. She has been an aesthetician for over 10 years and is very confident in her abilities.

Essential Skills

In my line of work, I find that the Essential Skills of continuous learning and thinking are both very important. It is crucial to continue learning new methods and to offer diverse services to clients. Thinking is just as important of a skill because when a client comes in with a certain problem, I need to be able to think of the best solution to solve this problem.

Competition History

Skills Ontario Provincial Competition

Skills Canada National Competition 2016Qualified as a Team Canada 2017 Prospect

Training History

WorldSkills Team Canada Trials: St. Lawrence College, January 16-19, 2017

Taitaja 2017: Helsinki, May 15-18

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Media Coverage

June 5, 2016
St. Lawrence student preps for nationals

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SLC Esthetician student advances to National Skills Competition

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