Anthony Minotti - 20

Centre d'études professionnelles Saint-Jérôme 
Automobile Technology
Blainville, Quebec


I chose a career in Automobile Technology because it is a passion of mine, and my family is in the automotive industry, so it has always been around me. I love being able to correctly fix something, and the personal satisfaction I get from helping people and making things work better than they used to. My career goal is to open my own shop in the future.

I asked my teacher about skills competitions and well, here we are now. The competition experience is extremely enriching and helps me progress to be a better tech. I was ecstatic and very hyped up when I learned I’d be competing at WorldSkills Lyon 2024. It hit me all at once. I hadn’t wrapped my head around winning provincials yet, and now, I’ve won at the Skills Canada National Competition, and I’m going to WorldSkills Lyon 2024. I’m looking forward to staying focused during my training and giving 110 per cent to prove to myself how far I can go.

Interesting fact
I do a lot of automotive work in my free time including everything performance oriented. I also do custom tuning.

Skills for Success
Adaptability has been instrumental in my training. Since we don’t know what our challenges will be, we need to train for every possible scenario and keep our cool during the competition. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone except yourself.

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