Bonnie Williams

Nova Scotia Community College
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

My Skills Background 

I’m a Hairstyling Instructor and Stylist in the Faculty of Cosmetology at Nova Scotia Community College. This is my second time as an Expert in my Skill Area. 

The Importance of Training  

I believe that training is very important for competitors. As an Expert, I encourage and mentor my competitors while providing fun and challenging projects. I get their feedback and work with their coach to give them guidance and support. We also build lifelong friendships!  

Success is having the competitor feeling ready, confident and enjoying their competition experience. They know that winning is a possibility. 

At the 47th WorldSkills Competition, I look forward to making new lifelong connections with other Experts and their competitors.  

I don’t foresee anything that will be a challenge for my competitor as she is very passionate, willing to practice, emotionally strong and wanting to learn from every experience. 

The Value of the Skills for Success 

Hairdressing demands that the skills of Creativity and Innovation be used, which can be scary for a competitor. You must decide whether to use bold styling techniques or play it safe. You need to display your talents yet still be within the judging criteria. I’m optimistic for this competitor. I hope she has a wonderful experience, feels great about her accomplishments and meets amazing new friends. A medal would be icing on the cake!  

Why I Love Volunteering 

I’ve always been enthusiastic about skills competitions, as a competitor, trainer and teacher. I’ve been competing since 1996, a trainer since 2000, and have experience as a judge with the Allied Beauty Association judging panel. It gives me immense pleasure to help students participate in skills competitions because, whether they win or lose, competing gives them confidence. 

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