Brian Nicholl

Nova Scotia Community College
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

My Skills Background 

I’m a faculty member at Nova Scotia Community College and I share my knowledge and skills with the people studying in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. I enjoy giving back to the trade that’s provided a great career for me. I’ve been a WorldSkills Expert in my Skill Area since 2018.  

The Importance of Training 

Mental preparation is key since competitors are up against the best from other countries. Time management is also important, so competitors stay focussed on their projects. 

My approach to training a competitor is to assess their abilities then focus on areas that need improvement. I encourage them to see the importance of details, measurements and accuracy. Mental stress is probably the biggest challenge they’ll face at the WorldSkills Competition. But I want them to enjoy the competition and complete the tasks to the best of their ability. I stress that no matter where they finish, they’re still the best in Canada. 

At the WorldSkills Competition, I look forward to experiencing the pride I feel representing Canada. I also enjoy learning new skills and making friendships with colleagues from around the world. 

The Value of the Skills for Success   

I believe that Reading is one of the most important skills during training and while competing, as it important to understanding the documents. Writing is also important for completing reports. Numeracy is essential for tasks like measuring pressures. And finally, Problem Solving is key to successful troubleshooting. I hope my competitor enjoys the experience, learns from it and walks away with their head held high. 

Why I Love Volunteering 

I volunteer at all levels of skills competitions: provincially, nationally, and internationally. The most rewarding part is seeing competitors learn, perform the best they can, and feel good about themselves. I hope I play a part in that. 

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