Catherine Findlay - 21

Centre de formation professionnelle Bernard-Gariépy
Sorel-Tracy, Quebec


I wanted to explore a trade as a career and do something concrete. Hairdressing opens many doors for me creatively. I like connecting with others and making them feel good. I want to continually update my techniques, meet other experienced hairdressers and take part in competitions. I also want to style actors one day.

Skills competitions are extraordinary experiences. I feel so privileged to be part of this wonderful adventure! It all started when my teacher brought me into her office to tell me that she was choosing me for the skills competition. To learn that I’d be competing at WorldSkills Lyon 2024 is just CRAZY! I believe the level of difficulty at the WorldSkills Competition will be much higher than the Skills Canada National Competition. My biggest challenge will be not to compare myself to others and to trust myself, my background and my training. I can’t wait to get on the plane and meet the other competitors. I’m so excited!

Interesting fact
I thrive on art whether it’s music, drawing, painting, dance, guitar, writing or photography.

Skills for Success
During training, collaboration between my coach and I will be key. It’s important for us to work as a team and share our knowledge. We also got to know each other, and we’ve developed a friendship, which will be essential to our commitment to the competition. During the competition, it’s all about creativity and innovation. We need to keep abreast of trends to know where to focus our training now, so we can succeed during the competition

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