Cecile Bukmeier

Car Painting
Edmonton, Alberta

My Skills Background 

I’m the Program Chair and a Department Instructor for Auto Body at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with apprentices. I’ve been the WorldSkills Expert in my Skill Area since WorldSkills Kazan 2019. 

The Importance of Training 

To help them train, I get my competitor to complete a past test project and then score them to provide a baseline of their skills. Then we work on his timing and improving his skills. 

I like to invite other WorldSkills member countries to Canada for a practice challenge, to see how my competitor performs out of their comfort zone. Through it all, the mental aspect of training is paramount. I get to know my competitor so I can recognize any signs of struggle. I help them overcome stress while also building skills and confidence. Communication is critical.  

To me, success is honing the competitor’s skills so that they feel confident performing internationally. I aim for a Medallion for Excellence at the WorldSkills Competition but push for the gold medal. It’s important that my competitor feels that they can achieve this standard. At the WorldSkills Competition, I look forward to observing the skills of our fellow competitors. I also enjoy making friends within my Skill Area and sharing our passion for the trade. 

The Value of the Skills for Success    

Problem Solving will be the most important skill to work on during training and while competing. Overcoming mistakes and moving forward is vital. I hope my competitor gains confidence in her skills, and makes friends from around the world who share her passion. 

Why I Love Volunteering 

I try to be the mentor I never had. Helping someone achieve things they didn’t think they were capable of is the most rewarding part of volunteering with Skills/Compétences Canada. I’m delighted that I play a part in their success. 

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