Chris Sharpley

Holland College
3D Digital Game Art
Charlottetown, PEI

My Skills Background

I teach a two year diploma in video game art and animation to adult learners at Holland College. I enjoy sharing knowledge and experience from my career in the video game industry with young people. I have been the Expert in this Skill Area for six years.

The Importance of Training

Training is very important for competitors. Not only for the skills that are being tested, but also the training to prepare them for the WorldSkills Competition. During the two competitions that I attended, my competitors showed signs of stress and anxiety which hindered their performance.

I aim to be positive and enthusiastic in all my interactions with the trainer and competitor. I will direct the competitor’s attention towards mental preparation and make them aware that jetlag and unfamiliar foods and environments can compromise their performance. I try to identify weaknesses in their skillset and prioritize training in these areas.

I will look forward to reconnecting with the other Experts and team members in my Skill Area. When my competitor arrives, I will strive to prepare them for the daily competition activities and try to keep them calm and focused. During downtime at the competition, I enjoy discussing industry trends with the other Experts.

The Value of the Skills for Success

Problem solving, and creativity and innovation are the Skills for Success that I think take priority in 3D Digital Game Art.

Why I Love Volunteering

I like to interact with other Skills Canada and WorldSkills volunteers. I know that the young people who participate find the experience rewarding and so I know my involvement is worthwhile.

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