Clyde Abanid - 19

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Graphic Design Technology
Regina, Saskatchewan


I chose Graphic Design as a career because I’ve been into design ever since I was 12. I love how much I can create and express myself. My career goal is to work as a Graphic Designer.

I first got introduced to skills competitions by my instructors at Sask Polytech. The competition experience is amazing. You get to see other people your age with the same amount of passion, competing against each other. I remember feeling so happy when I realized I was going to be competing at the WorldSkills Competition. It’s crazy to realize the heights you can reach by doing what you love to do. I feel my biggest challenge will be adapting to a different and bigger stage. Having to compete against people from all over the world makes me anxious, but overall, I’m excited to compete.

Interesting fact
I love music.

Skills for Success
I think Adaptability is one of the most important Skills for Success in Graphic Design, as not every client or request is the same. Being able to adapt as a graphic designer is what separates a good graphic designer and a great one. Being adaptable and versatile in my trade has definitely helped me.

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