Dayton Playford - 23

Red Deer Polytechnic
Lacombe, AB


Growing up, I always thought that a trade would be best suited for me. I could never picture myself doing something that wasn’t hands on. Coupled with the fact that my dad is a welder, as well, it was a pretty natural pick. I would like to go into business with my family. 

I was approached by an instructor in our school, and he told me all about the skills competitions and the opportunities that came with them. It has made me proud to see all the skilled workers from across the country and to see what everyone is capable of. If you are a young skilled person with the opportunity to compete in skills, I absolutely think you should take it. The experience is once-in-a-lifetime and the knowledge and skills you will learn are unrivalled. 

Interesting Fact  

In 2022, I also won provincials with my men’s senior hockey team. 

Skills for Success 

All are a big part of the process, but I would say problem-solving is one of the largest skills. Being able to hit a problem head on and come up with a solution on the spot is critical. 

I would like to improve on creativity and innovation because it is always something you will have to do in business to keep current and productive. 

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