Dorien Lozeau - 22

Car Painting
St. Paul, AB


It is very rewarding to stand back and look at a project you completed. I love painting cars because you put lots of hours into the prep work and then to see the finished project come together is awesome! I grew up working on cars as my dad was also in the autobody trade. We have restored a few classic vehicles together. I would like to run a successful business one day. 

My school, NAIT, encouraged me to participate in the skills competitions. The Skills Canada National Competition taught me how to work efficiently and manage my time accordingly. I love competing in the skills competitions; getting to travel to new places is very exciting. I also enjoy meeting people who have been in the trade for many years and are able to share their stories and trade secrets with you. Getting to use top-of-the-line equipment and products is another awesome experience when competing. 

Interesting Fact  

My biggest inspiration is Elon Musk. He is very successful in everything he does, and he never gives up! 

Skills for Success 

Problem-solving has been instrumental in my training process and during the competitions. You are always going to run into a problem in this trade. The trick is knowing how to come up with a solution and keep moving! Adaptability is an important skill to improve upon as it is crucial in this trade. You need to be able to operate in different conditions and make it work

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