Dusty Cathcart - 21

College of New Caledonia
Industrial Mechanics
Quesnel, BC


My dad was a millwright and, as I grew up, I really liked to work with my hands, and figure out how and why things worked. I like what I do because I get to problem solve, find solutions, and make improvements where needed. My career goals are to be a well-rounded millwright who can adapt to any situation/environment, continue learning, build good friendships, and be well-respected in the workplace. 

I got involved with skills competitions through my apprenticeship program. It really shows with hard work and dedication you can achieve great things. It also pushes you to prepare and train harder for the next competition, and always stay humble about it!  

Interesting Fact  

I really look up to my parents. They’ve taught me to always work your hardest, and to always lend a helping hand where needed. Be the best “you” that you can be, and when times get tough, keep pushing!  

Skills for Success 

Creativity and innovation are instrumental skills because there are situations you run into in the field that are less than ideal. You have to figure out a way to get the job done with the tools/equipment and parts you have access to. Without creativity and innovation, you tend to get stumped. Improving the ability to communicate clearly and produce a well-structured, safe, and efficient plan to get a job done is important, as well as being open to learning different aspects of the trade. It’s hard to excel in the workplace being a one-trick pony. 

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