Dylan Topolnisky - 22

Industrial Control
Airdrie, Alberta


Choosing a trade, especially one in the oil and gas industry in Alberta, is a sure way to get a head start in life. Having an older brother and cousin who work as industrial electricians, I got to hear about the benefits of working in the trades while I was still in high school.   

I got involved with skills competitions through my father Derek who is an Instructor at SAIT and also a trainer for WorldSkills Team Canada in his respective trade. Skills competitions have helped me make friends, create unforgettable memories and also develop my skills in my trade. My career goal is to one day have my own company. 

Interesting Fact 

Working in the trades directly out of high school allowed me to acquire two properties before the age of 22. 

Skills for Success 

The skills that have been instrumental in training and during the competition are problem solving especially when it comes to the programming aspect of the competition. For my career, I believe that Creativity & Innovation are the most important to find more efficient ways to do everything. 

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