Élisabeth Simoneau - 21

Centre horticole de Laval
Landscape Gardening
Laval, QC


I chose a skilled trade because it’s more physical and hands-on. I would like to continue to be part of the company I currently work for.  

I became involved with skills competitions through school. They allowed me to exceed and to explore a part of the trade I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see; I also wouldn’t have had the chance to work on a project on fast-forward with as much accuracy as aesthetics. I recommend the experience to everyone! It’s very rewarding.  

Interesting Fact  

The person I’m most inspired by is our coach because he’s given his all as much as we did in this endeavour. 

Skills for Success  

Collaboration is key because we work as a team of two people and of the fact that we match our actions so that the project progresses more quickly and we don’t have to do things twice. I need to improve my communication skills because landscaping is an area where team work is critical, therefore, the key to success is a good communication. 

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