Éloi St-Arnaud - 17

CFP de Coaticook-CRIFA
Landscape Gardening
Compton, Québec


I chose to pursue Landscape Gardening because it allows me to use my artistic side and I love seeing the project completed, knowing how much work went into it. I dream to own my own landscaping company. This would enable me to carry out superb projects at customers’ premises to beautify their property. 

When I found out that I would be taking part in the WorldSkills Competition 2024, in Lyon, I was very excited to know that I would be traveling for my trade and competing against the best in the world! I think my greatest challenge will be to make a continuous effort for four days in terms of precision and endurance. I know I’ll also have to let go when it comes to the details to make sure I finish the project on time. It will be very interesting to see the different techniques and materials that will be used in another country, and to compare these with what we use in Canada. For me, the victory is not winning a medal, but rather the sense of accomplishment I’ll have after giving it my 120%. 

Interesting fact
In my spare time, I like to look after the forest and do some mechanical work. 

Skills for Success 

Numeracy is a very important Skill for Success because in the competition you have to be very precise with your measurements. Communication also plays an important role, as we are a team of two in this Skill Area. 

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