Emma Kilgannon - 20

Humber College
Milton, ON


My love of baking started in grade 10 when I took hospitality as one of my courses. The first thing that made baking stand out to me was that I felt very relaxed and happy while doing it. From there, my passion grew stronger and I knew that I wanted to develop this hobby into a career. I have finished a two-year program at Humber College for Baking and Pastry Arts Management, and I now plan to continue my education by taking masterclasses around the world.  

I got involved in skills competitions when I won the Skills Ontario Provincial Competition in 2019 for the secondary level baking competition. Both times that I have competed with Team Ontario in Skills Canada National Competitions have been incredible experiences. Getting the opportunity to compete has made me a lot more confident in myself and my abilities, and it pushes me to learn more and work harder so I can achieve my future goals.  

Interesting Fact   

I absolutely love rats! Rats are one of the most intelligent, kindest animals on the planet, which is why I have them as pets. 

Skills for Success 

I find that all of these Skills for Success hold an important role in the baking industry, however problem-solving and adaptability stand out to me. Although I have put a lot of hard work into my training, sometimes things still go wrong. Knowing how to think quickly and come up with a “plan B” is vital. 

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