Jason Kent - 22

Calgary, AB


I chose a trade as a career because there was just so much opportunity in it. I chose mine because automation has always been a huge interest of mine, so doing it as a job was more like a dream come true. My career goals are to learn as much as I can about all aspects of my field and eventually mentor someone to pass on the experience and knowledge that I’ll gain. 

I have always loved automation and robots, so when I found out about mechanical engineering technology having an automation stream, it was my dream field. Through that I learned about mechatronics and it has been an amazing time! Participating in the Skills Canada National Competition showed me what you can do with enough preparation and dedication. 

Interesting Fact 
I’m the guy that duct-taped a magnetic arm band to my arm because the strap broke – I still have hair left on my arm. 

Skills for Success 

The skill that has been instrumental in my training and during the competition is problem-solving; at the end of the day, each task is a problem that you need to solve. So, you work your way through and solve problems until the overall task is complete. If you are good at problem-solving, there’s nothing you can’t do! 

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