Jeremy Braithwaite

Loyalist College
Mechanical Engineering CAD
Frankford, Ontario

My Skills Background  

I’m a Professor in the Manufacturing and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician programs at Loyalist College. It’s a privilege to share my skills with the next generation of creative minds. I’ve been the Expert in my Skill Area for six years. 

The Importance of Training 

I repeatedly say, “We do not train until we get it right, we train until we cannot get it wrong.” Competitors must prepare mentally, physically and emotionally to perform at their full potential. In my role, I develop a training plan with competitors that builds on their strengths and improves their overall skills. Regular touchpoints and goal setting are included. Our main challenge will be going head-to-head with teams who have trained with endless resources. Practicing speed-increasing techniques and time management strategies is key.  

Success as an Expert is ensuring that you’ve provided an effective training environment for your competitor. They need to feel as well-prepared as possible going to the competition. 

I’m excited to see the next generation’s skills on display during WorldSkills Lyon 2024. It’s uplifting to be surrounded by such talented people. Showing them what Canada can do is the cherry on top! 

The Value of the Skills for Success 

The essential Skills for Success in this field are Numeracy, Digital, Problem Solving and Creativity and Innovation. I want the competitor to be proud of their accomplishment. If they invest themselves in training and preparation, they’ll know they did their best. I hope they gain experiences and connections that they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.  

Why I Love Volunteering 

I love being a part of something so meaningful. These skills initiatives help develop the next generation of skilled professionals, promote their trades, and showcase their excellence. Participating as an Expert pushes me to constantly refine my teaching and training techniques to be a better educator and a better skilled tradesperson. My thanks to Skills/Compétences Canada for your support! 

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