Jeremy Bridge

Lethbridge College
Lethbridge, Alberta

My Skills Background
I’m a Plumbing Apprenticeship Instructor at Lethbridge College. I enjoy passing on my knowledge of the trade. It’s rewarding to watch students’ progress in their skills and knowledge as they advance in their careers. This is my first year as an Expert.  

The Importance of Training
There are two components to training for this competition: improving the skills and the mental preparation. It’s important to commit to training regularly and have regular check–ins to assess the mental preparation. Throughout this process, my goal is to build my competitor’s confidence as much as possible by providing positive constructive feedback and encouragement. With the competitor’s self-assessment, we will create a training plan together to focus on their strengths, further develop their skills and track their progress.  

Some of the challenges we will face during the competition could include using European tools and materials that North American plumbers are not familiar with. To mitigate that, we’ll train with as many of these items as possible. Also, it’s a lot of pressure! Staying positive and having good inner dialogue is crucial during the competition.  

My ultimate goal for our competitor is to earn a Medallion for Excellence. Regardless of the outcome, what’s important is that the competitor be proud of themselves. I also look forward to meeting the Experts from other countries. I can learn so much from their experiences, and I hope to pass this on to Canadian participants as well.  

The Value of the Skills for Success 
The most important skills during training and at the competition will be reading and numeracy skills, to interpret blueprints and measure accurately. I hope our competitor gains more confidence in their abilities as a skilled tradesperson. 

Why I Love Volunteering
I enjoy helping others learn more about their trade and become more skilled in their careers. I am also a competitive person and I strive for excellence in everything I do. 

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