Joshua Hamilton

Conestoga College
Baden, Ontario

My Skills Background 

At Conestoga College, I’m the Coordinator/Professor for the Electro-Mechanical and Automation Maintenance program, a skilled trades-based Mechatronics program. At Obsidian Industrial Solutions, I’m the President and Solutions Architect focusing on projects through AI, data gathering, control systems and robotics. This is my first year as the Expert in this Skill Area. I’m looking forward to supporting the team! 

The Importance of Training 

Training should be focused on physical and mental resilience. These are essential to meet the challenges of the WorldSkills Competition. Competitors must learn how to adapt to changes and modifications, and how to recover from adversity. Success for me will be developing the competitors to be the best they can be. A podium finish would also be amazing!  

The main challenge for our competitors will be learning how to face challenges throughout the competition. And because this is a team event, they’ll need to work together to efficiently solve problems. 

I’m looking forward to seeing competitors from around the world showcase their talents. It will also be exciting to experience the camaraderie and networking that takes place at the WorldSkills Competition.  

The Value of the Skills for Success    

For training, the key skills will be Collaboration, Problem Solving and Communication to ensure this two-person team of competitors is effective. For the competition, the key skills will be Adaptability, Creativity and Innovation, and Problem Solving. I hope the team can successfully display their abilities and continue to grow. I also hope they’re able to network and develop relationships that will further their careers. 

Why I Love Volunteering 

I thoroughly enjoy encouraging competitors to be the best they can be. This opportunity also allows me to scratch the competitive nature of the skill. Mechatronics i

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