Joshua Mandin - 21

Lethbridge College
Lethbridge, AB


I enjoy working with my hands; I don’t like the idea of sitting in an office every day. I chose plumbing because I found it interesting and wanted to learn more about it. I want to build my skills and knowledge in plumbing, and I want to be confident that I can complete a project in the most efficient way possible. My goal is to be a better worker every day. 

I got involved with skills competitions through college. My instructor asked me once after class if I would be interested in competing and, at first, I wasn’t sure. But after talking with my uncle, who’s a carpenter, I soon decided it was something I’d be willing to take on. The Skills Canada National Competition has opened my eyes to all the different types of trades and possibilities that are out there.   

Interesting Fact  

I play three instruments, sing, and play men’s league rugby. 

Skills for Success 

I’d say adaptability and problem-solving have been instrumental in my training and during competitions. With the tasks given for my project, I had to be able to adapt to the material they use, the fittings they gave me, and the limited amount of material I had to work with. I’d also say problem-solving is important because there were moments when things didn’t go exactly as I’d planned. I had to do a bit of problem-solving to get over that hump as quickly and efficiently as I could. I’d say basic hand skills, being patient, and thorough are also important. 

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