Jun Zheng - 18

University of Toronto
Web Technologies


“I have been interested in technology since I was young, and seeing people build things is fascinating to me. This had led me to learn computer programming. My goal is to become a researcher in the field of computer science, specifically in the field of artificial intelligence.”

I got involved in the 2015 Skills Canada National Competition, however I did not medal that year. I practiced a lot over the course of the following year and finally won the gold medal at SCNC 2016!

Interesting Fact

Most of my work is done in pen and paper. I need to design and think about the structure of the program before doing any of the actual coding on my computer.

Essential Skills

I believe the following Essential Skills are instrumental in my field:

Numeracy: computer programming is all about numbers and logic.

Continuous learning: technology is ever involving therefore this is an Essential Skill for any computer programmer.

Reading text: you must be able to understand what the client wants in order to be successful.

Competition History

Skills Saskatchewan Provincial Competition 2016

Skills Canada National Competition 2016

Training History

WorldSkills Team Canada Trials: Conestoga College, February 25-28, 2017

Photo Gallery

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